Resistance is Not a Patient Problem: Practical Skills for Better Adherence
Susan Butterworth, PhD, Associate Professor, Schools of Nursing & Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University

- Apply evidence-based health coaching interventions in wellness and disease management encounters.
- Debunk common misconceptions about individuals who are non-adherent to treatment plans.
- Better engage participants who are change 'precontemplators' through motivational interviewing (MI).
- Use MI to improve patient self-efficacy and activation.

Dr. Butterworth has been in the health promotion field for over 20 years. She received her doctoral degree in adult education and training with a cognate in health promotion from Virginia Commonwealth University. Her special area of expertise and research is motivational interviewing-based health coaching. She is an associate professor with both the Schools of Medicine and Nursing at Oregon Health & Science University. She has been awarded two National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants to study the efficacy and impact of health management interventions, and has published multiple papers on the theory and outcomes of health coaching. Dr. Butterworth is a member of the HealthSciences Institute advisory board where she serves as lead contributor in the areas of evidence-based health coaching competency development and health coaching performance assessment.