Excellence & Innovation in Health Management & Coaching Programs
Blake T. Andersen, PhD, CEO, HealthSciences Institute

- Describe why many health management and coaching programs fail to deliver expected value.
- Identify options for developing staff competencies linked with better clinical and cost outcomes.
- Explore how career ladders and customized learning solutions can be used to develop nurse coach generalists, specialists and mentors.
- Discover how a new standardized MI-based performance assessment protocol and tool can be used to develop, manage and improve the performance of program staff.

For over two decades, Dr. Andersen has been a leader in health psychology, chronic care improvement, health-related behavior change, health care performance improvement and workforce development. He received a PhD in psychology from MU-Columbia, served on the clinical faculty at the USF College of Medicine, where he completed a post-doctorate in health psychology, and achieved certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). He was an organization development team leader with Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in Chicago, leading strategic human resource, change management and workforce learning engagements for multinational companies. Dr. Andersen has led a number of regional health systems change initiatives in states including Minnesota, Wisconsin and Florida. He recently designed and delivered physician practice performance improvement learning programs and tools for ImproveHF, the largest outpatient heart failure performance improvement study to date in the US.