Applications of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in Smoking Cessation:
An Interactive Case Study
Ali Hall, JD, Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers Member (MINT), HealthSciences Institute Consultant

- List evidence-based guidelines for smoking cessation.
- Describe how MI can be used to improve smoking cessation success.
- Compare and contrast traditional strategies with more patient centered MI approaches.
- Formulate effective responses for common patient cessation barriers and challenges.

Ali Hall, JD is a MINT member who has designed and facilitated over two hundred motivational interviewing workshops for behavioral health providers, educators, social and child welfare workers, and health care professionals. She is a training associate for the Center for Strength-Based Strategies as well as the Behavioral Healthcare Institute of the University of North Carolina School of Social Work. She provides MI coding and skill development coaching, and provides consultation to systems for effective MI implementation. In addition, she provided health coaching to a disease management program for chronic conditions and wellness topics. Ali spent her undergraduate years at Occidental College in Los Angeles, and completed her graduate studies at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University as well as the Cornell University School of Law.