The Motivational Interviewing (MI) Journey: A New Nursing Practice Model

Dion Marchi, RN, CCP, RHC-III
Case Manager
Asante Health Systems

Judy Thomas, RN, CCP, RHC-III
MINT Trainer & HCPA Evaluator
HealthSciences Institute

Kimberly Swegar, RN, MSN, CCP, RHC-III
Case Manager

You will hear the stories of three nurses who have embraced the MI approach to health and care management. They will share how they have met the dual challenges of making a paradigm shift and learning a complex skill-set, as well as the work and rewards of preparing for the new health care environment. Webinar participants will:

- Experience the challenges of letting go of the traditional orientation to care
- Identify the benefits of committing to the evidence-based approach
- Discuss confounding conditions and alternative diagnoses (mimickers)
- Define a personal action plan for skill development